No software to install or setup required


Sign up for a plan

Review the plans below and sign up for the email to SMS plan that meets your needs. The monthly subscription starts immediately and can be cancelled anytime. You will receive a special phone number that cell phone users will see when you message them.

Use your email account

Immediately upon signing up for your chosen plan, you will be able to start using TextPigeon to send text messages with the email account you registered with at signup. Just use this format with a 10 digit US cell number:

Cell phone receives text

The cell phone user will receive a text message from the new phone number that was created for you. When the cell phone user responds to the text message, you will receive the message as an email. Respond to the email to keep the conversation going!


I wanted to be able to copy and paste numbers directly into my email client to send a text instead of reaching for my phone when I want to message a phone number from my web browser...first world problems I know.


My reps work in the field and have limited access to internet and email. SMS messages are easy and fast for them, so we went with Text Pigeon. We can also keep track of all communication on our end with our email account instead of using personal cell phones.


The most useless service that I actually found a use for. Normally I have to look up a carrier to find what email address to send a text via email, but that always sent my signature and bunch of other garbage to the cell phone. Text Pigeon makes sending email as texts quick and easy.


Pricing Plans


Personal Use Only
500 Messages / month
One Registered Email
Text Only

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Personal Use Only
Unlimited Messages
One Registered Email
Image & Text

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Business and Marketing Use
Vanity Url
Unlimited Email Addresses
Image & Text

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